Our Vision

Why We Exist

That all people experience deeper friendships, a bigger God, and fuller lives in Christ.

Matthew 5:41

Jesus says, "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two."

Jesus walked the first mile by coming to earth as the Son of God to live among us. That was motivated by law. He went the second mile by dying on the cross for our sin. He was resurrected from the dead overcoming death, hell, and the grave so that we could have life eternally. That was motivated by love. When we meet Jesus at His second mile, we can start living ours. One step into the second mile is when friendships grow deeper, God is revealed in a bigger way, and lives become more full.

Deeper Friendships

Life is better together. It’s about being part of a family who cares for one another. It’s about having fun on this faith journey. We want to be a church of small groups where people are genuinely loved and surrounded by others who are encouraging each other to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Bigger God

It’s impossible to put God in a box. Every day, He reveals more of Himself. We will be people who seek more of Him, and share more of Him. We want to be a church that is experiencing His overwhelming presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We want to be a church where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are active and signs and wonders follow those who believe.

Fuller Lives

We refuse to settle for mile one living. Second Mile living involves serving others, developing leaders, and sharing the love of Christ to a dying and hurting world in need. When we do that, our purpose increases and our lives become more full. Emptiness is a dangerous disease in our world. We believe Christ fills our life with hope and opportunities to serve the orphans, widows, poor, broken, sick, and hopeless.